South America

Shipping to South America?

World Cargo, located in Vancouver, BC, are experts when it comes to shipping internationally to South America. South America is located just south of North America, with the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Atlantic to the East. We have experience shipping to ports on both coasts and we’re here to make the process as easy as possible.

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Peru is a country with an abundance of archeological riches; home to several famous sites, including Maccu Piccu. Even as the cities of Peru grow and prosper, many areas still maintain their Incan traditions to this very day.  Curious about shipping to Peru? Get a free quote from World Cargo!


Occupying the northwest corner of South America, sitting just south of Columbia, Ecuador is a gorgeous country with some of the most famous destinations in the world. Home to both the Amazon jungle and the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador’s vibrant wildlife, rich history and thriving culture make it a destination for just about anybody. Get a quote to ship to Ecuador today.


Fun fact: Chile has over 6,000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Boasting the world’s largest swimming pool and the biggest active volcanoes in the world, Chile is truly a country with a unique place in the world.  Get a quote for free!


The second largest country in South America, Argentina’s music and dance have swept across the world. You can go for the food, you can go for the architecture – or anything that interests you, Argentina has it all! We’ll give you a quote for free!


Columbia is the largest country in South America, marked by lush rainforests, charming coffee plantations and some of the most popular museums in South America. We hope your shipping experience is as picturesque as the rest of this beautiful country. Get a quote – no charge!

What you need to consider when shipping to South America

All ocean and air cargo destined for South America must be properly packed or crated. It is essential that packing be done properly. That’s why it is important to choose an experienced international shipping partner. You will get peace of mind and confidence that your goods will be moved professionally and efficiently. Here is what we want you to consider:

  • Your industry specialist should be familiar with what is being shipped and where it’s going. You need to be fully informed on proper packing and what to expect when off-loading and unpacking. If bulk pricing is possible you can save money. A specialist will talk to you about this.
  • Provide a complete list of the goods to be shipped to South America. Anything you can carry yourself will reduce costs. Your shipping partner can advise you on what to prioritize to save time and money.
  • Get a free quote online. Make sure you ask a lot of questions. International shipping can be complicated and daunting. Be an informed consumer.